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Buyers Agent

Buyers have an advantage in using me, Doug Minick, owner of Minick Realty, more than other realtors in Sheridan County.  I have over 30 years experience being a broker in Sheridan and serve my clients with the utmost of honesty and integrity.  I specialize in working as a Buyers Agent which means, as your agent, I keep your best interest (and wallet) in mind.  It is important that buyers are  working with a true professional and someone you feel comfortable dealing with while maintaining your privacy.       

I first like to meet with buyers to review how I can best help you with your real estate preferences.  We review the type of property you are interested in and best area to suit your needs.  Review of the down payment and closing costs to best determine which type of loans would be in your best interest along with a pre-approval letter from a bank.  Several loan programs in Sheridan help with these costs which may help make this a negotiating point when making an offer on a property to best serve you, the buyer.

Choosing the right home to fit your present and future needs for you and your family becomes my top priority.  My job is to help you consider all of the pros and cons, including location, in and around Sheridan County: taxes, cost of utilities, special assessments, homeowner association fees, covenants and future resell value.  Making an offer is very important for us to work closely together for the best price, terms and timeline to fit your needs.  Preparing the legal written offer on the property and dealing with rejected offers by sellers along with counter-offers, needs to be done correctly.  I will assist you with the title insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, home warranty and transfer of utilities to your name.  Also, I assist you at the closing to make sure all the proper papers required are official and you get your new home and the seller is paid. 

As a past member of  the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA), an organization of real estate professionals who have dedicated their business lives to representing only Buyers of real estate, I recommend you review to understand how using a Buyers Agent will help you.  As a member of the National Association of Realtors, I have found this is an excellent site for first time homeowners as well as a good check list for all Buyers.   Please take a moment to click on MLS Search Video to learn how this enhanced search engine can assist your buying needs before you do your MLS Search.   Also, feel free to click on the Sheridan Area link to learn more about what our wonderful community has to offer you and your family.  Looking forward to working with you.

Relocation Referral

Most referrals will pay the referring broker 25% of the selling portion of their commission.  An example would be on a $400,000 home with 2% selling commission, the referring broker would get paid $2,000 when you close on your house in another area by simply giving your name to someone on floor duty affiliated with their franchise.  At Minick Realty, we do things different by working with the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) Referral Service.  I will personally contact the broker in the area you are moving to and discuss your needs to make sure that broker assigns a sales associate that he or she believes will be the best serve your needs. I will talk with that sales associate to make sure I am satisfied that he or she is the right realtor for you.  I have had a rapport with NAEB sales associates because of their specialized training as buyers agents but both you and I must feel 100% comfortable with that agent before I make the referral.  It does not end there, because I will stay in contact with you during your relocation process to make sure the transition goes smoothly.  I am just a phone call away at all times.         

Relocating to Sheridan area? Then contact us with a phone call or simple drop us an email.  No need to fill out a lengthy form because we are here to help your buying experience run as smoothly as possible.  Click and watch our MLS Search Video to learn how to locate, create and save your personal portfolio on listings in the Sheridan area.  Also, feel free to click on the Sheridan Area link to learn more about what our wonderful community has to offer you and your family. I want you to feel comfortable working together with us to find you the right property.  As always, we are diligent about protecting your privacy and will never share or sell your private contact information with a third party.

Buyers For Foreclosed Property

Short sales are difficult to work through and can evolve months for bank and third party approval. 

Buyers now have a rare opportunity to take advantage of the current national housing crisis and purchase foreclosed REO property at discounted prices in the Sheridan area.  To better understand Real estate owned or REO property simply click on this link provided for a detailed explanation.  REO property are owned by a lender, typically a bank, after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction.  Buyers, who want to purchase foreclosed property, need to first find an experienced Buyers Agent that deals in this area of expertise.  Foreclosed property is similar to other listed property except the Buyers Agent should be able to structure the offer to take advantage of the current foreclosure crisis lenders are now experiencing to help reduce the sales price.

Buyers For Short Sale Property

Buyers can also try to get even larger discounts to the property through short sales if everything falls into place perfectly.  My experience has been that short sales are very difficult, due to the time frame involved, as well as the uncertainty and frustration of all the various parties involved.  For these reasons, short sales are not for every buyer to consider nor all realtors to involve themselves.  I have found that most listing agents and sellers do not understand the Process of Short Sale and are still trying to market the property like normal a real estate transaction, in an attempt to have the seller negotiate the price with buyer, instead of allowing the lender to make the final decision.  This usually will result in the short sale not being completed and property going into foreclosure which hurts the seller, lender and buyer.  My personal opinion is, when a seller agrees to a short sale, at that point his property is lost to the lender and the best he can do is avoid foreclosure.  

At Minick Realty, we will only process a short sale if the buyer is aware of these complications that they will be involved from the time the offer is written to final approval by the lender and additional parties which need to approve short sale.  That being said, short sales can result in great buying opportunities to the buyer.  Process of Short Sale can give a buyer a better understanding of what is involved.   If a buyer wants to try and buy property with a short sale, then he should call Minick Realty and we can discuss short sales in more depth and find properties that might qualify for short sale.

Open Houses

Minick Realty has put together this OPEN HOUSE link in order for buyers to easily find homes to tour for the coming weekend. If you plan on attending an open house, it is a good idea to first watch the SEARCH TUTORIAL to learn how to set up a search block and the MLS SEARCH to effortlessly find all homes listed in that neighborhood. This way, you will be able to compare the open house prices with other listings in the neighborhood.

While attending an open house that is being shown by the listing agent, my suggestion is not to disclose your emotions or approval of the home to that agent. Remember that the listing agent works exclusively for the seller to obtain the highest price possible for the property, which is opposite of what you are trying to accomplish. The worst person to confide in or write an offer on your dream home is the one who has their name on the sign in the front yard. Your best option is to contact Minick Realty to have us assist you, as a Buyers Agent, to represent your wishes and pocketbook, as discussed in detail under Buyers Agent link. Minick Realty will be happy to discuss with you how we can save you money and give you professional representation in one of the most important decisions you will make in your life.

Use this link to search our current Open Houses.

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